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Our florist studio is dedicated to designing abundant wedding flowers, blended with an impeccable wedding planning service, to make your wedding or event truly extraordinary.

At Auburn Amore, we celebrate love and diversity and are advisors in planning multicultural weddings.

Effortlessly transforming ideas into existence


Our design-led approach to weddings is personalised to capture each couple's essence. We reflect their values, passion, and cultural traditions. As a team, we pride ourselves on being friendly, proactive professionals.

Apart from creating wedding flowers, and planning weddings, we also plan and mange events. Working with corporate brands, to design editorials, floral installations, and corporate launch events.

With our expertise and attention to detail, we curate unforgettable experiences for our couples and corporate clients in the Midlands, Cotswolds, London, and Europe.

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Passionate in helping couples and brands produce beautiful weddings and events seamlessly.

With my love for bold use of colour, statement style, diverse flowers, and I transform spaces with inspiring aesthetics.

To me each person is unique, therefore their event should reflect their individuality. That’s why I work closely with each client to understand their vision and bring it to life in a way that’s both beautiful and memorable.

As a former teacher and interior designer, I am an organized creative, too!

I am Nicky, the founder of Auburn Amore, a multi award-winning wedding florist, wedding planner and event stylist. 

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Wedding Planning

Our approach to wedding planning simply focuses on authenticity. We build strong relationships with couples to design and deliver their unique vision.

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wedding Florals

Our signature floral style is modern and artistic. Our designs use the finest luxury blooms. ‘We don’t do daises..more peonies and proteas’.

Brands & EVENTS

Epic events and brand designs, from intimate dinners to lavish installations, show our commitment to creating unforgettable experiences.

Education & Resources

Valuable resources designed to support both engaged couples and florists, ensuring knowledge and confidence tin the world of weddings.

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Accomplished wedding industry experience

Multi-skilled; wedding florists and trained wedding planner

Tips & advice to support your wedding planning journey

Experience in planning multicultural and fusion weddings 

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The rule breakers who want to escape ordinary

We adore working with couples and brands who want to make a statement....

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"We absolutely, made the right decision hiring Nicky. She was professional also and from that moment on I just knew we were in the right hands. Fast forward to our wedding day and we along with our guests were stunned at how perfect our wedding was. She got it down to a T! Be assured you will not be disappointed."

E & K

""Book Nicky for your wedding- she is the most reliable, trustworthy and creative florist around! I cannot thank Nicky enough for creating the most spectacular wedding flowers for us! Nicky has an amazing eye for detail, really listened to my wishes, and helped me design our vision by being very honest about what was and was not possible within our budget."

d & m

"Most of us brides are doing this for the first (and hopefully only!!) time, and planning a wedding is no easy task! Our wedding day was perfectly planned and wouldn’t have been the same without Nicky! I am so grateful to have found Nicky and would book her 1000 times over for a wedding. Good luck to all the brides-to-be, I could not recommend Nicky enough to you!"

H & D

""From start to finish Nicky just understood what I wanted. I asked for my South African heritage to shine through, and she did that and more. So many people were in awe of the floral displays. Thank you so much, I’m so glad we found each other for my wedding.""

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wedding planner

We uncover whether wedding planners are a lavish luxury reserved for the wealthy or are they in fact an essential ingredient in the planning process. Some might consider them just another wedding ‘must have’, but do planners really bring anything to the party? 


Shall we start at the beginning?

You are engaged and riding on a wave of excitement. Your thoughts are filled with ideas, pinning ‘inspo’ images and searching for your dream wedding venue and your chic dress. Yet navigating endless emails, venue visits, managing guest lists (and Auntie Bella is a whole separate issue), the lengthy to-do list and mounting stress levels, can quickly become a time-consuming and stressful nightmare. These feelings can result in couples questioning their initial thoughts on the value of wedding planners.

To answer the question of whether they are a necessity, we should find out what the role of a wedding planner is. Essentially, those offering a full wedding planning service oversee every element of your wedding. Perhaps a more fitting job title would be a wedding manager. Wedding planners source venues and vendors, plan, prep, and manage your wedding plus a wealth of skills that we will discover.

Is it possible to plan a wedding without a planner? Truthfully yes, however, for the majority of us planning a wedding is a one-off experience.  Meaning, that most of us begin the process by having no idea of what we are doing, or even how to begin planning a wedding. Planners bring the benefit of their experience in planning multiple weddings. They may specialise in a particular type of wedding, like Auburn Amore specialises in planning multicultural and fusion weddings.

Modern couples often find themselves juggling demanding careers and social lives. Therefore, finding the 300+ hours plus required to plan a ‘standard’ wedding can be totally overwhelming. A wedding planner not only has industry knowledge but also acts as a time-saving genie. They streamline the planning process and allow you to enjoy the joy of your engagement without drowning in boring logistical details.


Choosing the right vendors can either make or break your wedding day! Wading through the options of photographers, caterers and musicians can be time-consuming and stressful. For DIYers, using planning sites are convenient way of quickly finding vendors. However, some couples feel even more overwhelmed when presented with endless vendor options. Wedding planners have insider knowledge to connect couples with the best suppliers in the industry. Not only that, they collaborate with wedding suppliers who understand your vision and they manage and execute the event flawlessly. With eyes on your overall wedding budget, they also wedding investment, they are suited to find vendors who align with your budget.

Stress management.

Planning your own wedding involves dealing with details, from vendor negotiations to timeline coordination, and attempting to manage it all alone can lead to sleepless nights and anxiety. Hiring a wedding planner is your opportunity to offload your stress load onto a professional. Rest assured brides-to-be looking chilled and relaxed gliding in the last six weeks before their wedding have booked a wedding planner.

What does a wedding planner cost?

Is hiring a wedding planner as pricey as it seems? Truth is, there’s likely a planner for every couple out there. These experts come with a range of specialities and can cost anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands. Most couples typically work with planners who charge a standard percentage fee. While it’s an added cost to the overall wedding budget, it’s balanced out by their valuable wisdom, calming effect, and wealth of expertise these planners bring to the table. Whether a couple considers a wedding planner or on-the-day coordinator (this terminology is misleading as they typically work with couples for 4 to 8 weeks) a necessity may depend on the value they place on managing their well-being. 

The vision and vibe 

One of the primary roles of a wedding planner is to collaborate with you to understand your ideas. These professionals will transform your ideas into a stunning vision for your wedding day. They create the designs for your wedding and passionately plan every micro-step required to generate that vision. Design and production are not only about creating epic visuals but a great wedding planner will also incorporate the mood the couple wishes to convey, such as a relaxed outdoor wedding or a luxury black-tie event. With the rise in multi-day weddings or wedding weekends, as they are sometimes called with rehearsal dinners and post-wedding brunch taking place on either side of the wedding, that’s a lot of designs to mesh together, not to mention a stack of work! From dawn till dusk on your wedding day, your planner will flawlessly coordinate every detail, merging hours of preparation into a stunning curated vision.

In conclusion, while some may perceive wedding planners as a luxury, they prove to be a valuable necessity for many couples navigating the intricate process of wedding planning. With their wealth of experience, vendor connections, and stress management skills, wedding planners not only streamline the process but also transform couples’ visions into stunning realities. In a world where time is a precious commodity, investing in a wedding planner can ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey from engagement to the magical wedding day.

Are you still, questioning the value of a wedding planner?

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bride with wedding bouquet

Couples often raise their eyebrows at the perceived high cost of wedding flowers. Let’s find out the real factors behind the cost of your wedding flowers and whether they are value for money.

Buying the blooms

Did you know that professional wedding and event florists only use A1-grade flowers? This is a premium grade of flowers. You might be asking yourself why? Well, these gold-standard flowers form the basis of your wow bridal bouquets, and elegant centrepieces. This quality is non-negotiable. I advise my couples to invest in quality statement flowers, rather than masses of flowers. Consequently, premium petals cost a premium price.

How are the finest blooms selected? The process begins by using premium wholesalers where they guarantee quality. I use a variety of UK and Dutch wholesalers, and increasingly several local British flower farms that are renowned for the flower quality.

Most flowers used in commercial floristry are purchased via the Dutch wholesale auction house. In this chain, prices fluctuate daily, based on supply and demand, as well as seasonal availability. Therefore, flower prices peak during the summer wedding season because florists from across the world scramble to buy the same flowers. It is also worth noting that wedding flower prices will be extremely high during other peak times, such as Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. Surprisingly, UK flower prices are also strongly influenced by celebrations in Europe and North America, like International Women’s Day, Secretary Day, and Independence Day.

Next, we come onto the thorny issue of minimum spending. It is customary for wholesalers to insist on minimum spending on each flower order, which is often hundreds of pounds! When designing your swoon-worthy wedding bouquet your floral stylist may only opt to use a few stems, regardless they will need to buy wraps of 20/25/50/100. As a result, many florists apply minimum investment prices to offset these costs and keep their business sustainable.

Running costs

All wedding and event florists have different running costs associated with their businesses. For example, vans and warehouses may be more costly to run than cars or a shop. Your florist will likely pay professional costs: accountant, trade subscriptions, and website costs.

Insurance might not immediately spring to mind when considering your wedding flowers however, it is an essential cost. Vehicle and business premiums protect the floral team, the couple, and the guests against unforeseen circumstances. Whether it’s potential damage during transportation or unexpected weather conditions, insurance ensures your floral vision. 

The price of design & skills

The cost of your wedding petals is also based on the time required for the job. Naturally, more complex floral arrangements, flower arches and hanging installations demand higher labour costs, because they require a team of skilled florists to produce them. The price of staff and freelance florists will contribute to the cost.

A major factor in determining the cost of wedding florals is design time. Couples often overlook that florists are floral designers, and our skills are equal to those of interior designers and web and brand designers. Creating bespoke wedding arrangements involves hours of careful consideration, hours of meticulous planning of colour palettes and textures and accompanying styling. 

Designers use their skills and knowledge to select the correct flowers for the design and this process is time-consuming. Equally, their knowledge of flower availability and the mechanics involved in making huge flower arches and hanging installations is crucial.

Whether the florist is college or bench-trained they have spent years and thousands of pounds to perfect their skills.  These skills and creativity are used in every wedding design.

As you explore the world of wedding flowers, it’s essential to recognise the range of factors contributing to their cost. Essentially, there is so much more than mere blooms involved in the price of a wedding flower proposal and ultimately your wedding day flowers. Florists’ investment in training, quality, design, labour, skill level, and time all contribute to your floral investment.

We would love to hear about your floral dreams and the elements you believe contribute to the overall luxury of wedding flowers.

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